Internationalization development plan

Internationalization development plan

International market

The internationalization development plan is a document that is a signpost for us to build a better University.

The internationalization development plan is closely linked to WUEB 2030 strategy. Supports the achievement of strategic goals. We are working to internationalize the university, opening it to global opportunities and challenges.

We want WUEB to be recognized and competitive in the international market.

What specifically does this plan mean?

  • we are a university known and appreciated in Europe and the world
  • scientists and experts from other countries come to us to share their knowledge and experience
  • we offer more and more curricula in English
  • Students and doctoral students from different countries choose our university
  • we are active members of international scientific networks and accrediting bodies
  • we carry out joint educational and research projects with foreign partners
  • we use international funding sources
  • our employees hold important positions in international scientific institutions
  • our employees are appointed as reviewers and experts in promotion procedures at foreign universities
  • the university is open to all, regardless of background or social status
  • The university creates equal opportunities for everyone for education and scientific development

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