WUEB Job Fair

WUEB Job Fair

Your place of contact with candidates

Are you looking for new talented employees among our students? We have a solution for you – WUEB Job Fair!

We create an opportunity for direct contact with prospective employees. Our WUEB Job Fair is held twice
per year (April, October) on the campus of our university.

Present your company and job, internship and apprenticeship offers.
Talk to potential candidates in person and collect their resumes.

Don’t miss the chance to find the best talents!

Do you want to appear among the top employers?
Join this event!

Take part in an event created for 17 years.
Build your employer brand and meet numerous visitors!

Gain a competitive advantage and empower your team of employees!

Don’t wait! Apply for the Job Fair

Contact the Business Collaboration Center and set up a company booth at the event


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