Promotional actions

Promotional actions

Stand out and be visible!

You want:

  • The name of your company was known among students?
  • Your brand logo stood out and was easily recognizable?
  • Students were aware of your company’s existence even before they began their job search?

Showcase your personal brand and your company!

Take advantage of our offer!

We propose:

  • Participation in a 1-day event (EB Day), where you will have a booth – and that means the opportunity to talk to students and organize a workshop,
  • Hanging your posters in the WUEB area,
  • posting information about available jobs, internships and apprenticeships on the Jobteaser platform – make it easier for students to find your offers,
  • Participate in Job Fairs to meet potential candidates,
  • Conducting an inspiring lecture for the chosen field of study. Share your knowledge and experience with future industry leaders.


Contact the Business Cooperation Center and discuss the details!


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