Business simulations

Business simulations

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Business Process Simulation Centre (CSPB).
is an interactive computer lab for designing, modeling, visually simulating and improving business processes.

We use:

  • the latest computer and audiovisual technologies
  • integrated AV signal management systems and
    Virtual Reality – VR technology
  • Integrated access control and virtual reception systems.

Take a virtual tour of the interior of the CSPB and experience the simulation games.

A laboratory combining science and technology

Here you can:

  • create projects that transform the future of business
  • create models that help understand how complex business processes work
  • showcase business processes
  • improve these processes to make them work even more efficiently and effectively

CSPB Manager

Dr Krzysztof Nowosielski, prof. WUEB

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 538 518 220


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