Undergraduate and engineering studies

Undergraduate and engineering studies

Odkryj z nami świat ekonomii, finansów, zarządzania, technologii!

Are you in your final year of high school?
Are you wondering where to continue your education?
Take a look at what we have for you!

With us you will find different types of studies and majors to choose from!

If you want to gain solid knowledge in your chosen field, we have a bachelor’s degree program that lasts 3 years.
This is a great choice! You will finish it with a professional bachelor’s degree.

We have an engineering degree program that lasts 3.5 years.
At the end, you will get a professional engineering degree and specific skills that are useful in the job market.

Dobrze, abyś wiedział, że studia licencjackie i inżynierskie to inaczej studia I stopnia.

That’s not all!

After completing your bachelor’s or engineering degree, you can continue your studies for another 2 years on a master’s studies , which is a second degree program.
You will receive a professional master’s degree afterwards.

Don’t waste your time!
Use our search engine to find the right course of study for you.

Everything is at your fingertips!

Become a student at WUEB

Check directions, schedule and recruitment rules

Study with us!

There are several reasons to study with us:

  • you have a wide choice of majors: at our University we have many interesting majors that students praise
  • study and do not pay for knowledge: with us full-time studies in Polish are free of charge
  • you will meet great people: many of them are active in various student organizations. It’s a great place to make new friends and grow
  • you will receive support from professionals: with us you can have your mentor from the business. This means that an experienced business practitioner will help you in your development
  • you will receive financial assistance – that’s a big plus, right?
  • you do not have to leave to study in English: we offer majors where English is the language of instruction


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