Program for students

We are sure you’ve heard of mentoring.
Do you know what this program is all about?

“Mentoring for students at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business” is a development program that allows the mentee (student) to look at their own goals and expectations from the perspective of people who are already where they want to get to.

A mentor (company representative) is an experienced person who provides support, shares knowledge and experience, and helps the development and achievement of the mentee’s goals.

Let’s distinguish:

  • Mentoring is a process in which an experienced person provides support and knowledge to a less experienced person
  • Coaching focuses on developing skills and achieving goals, while
  • Tutoring involves providing assistance in learning specific subjects or skills

What does the program look like?

  1. We recruit Mentors from companies and students as Mentees (mentored).
    If you are a student, you will have access to experienced mentors from the industry who will help you with your professional development.
    If you are a company representative, you can support the younger generation and share your knowledge.
  2. We then pair mentors and mentees into mentoring pairs.
    You will have a mentor who will support you and share their experience, which will help you in your career development.
  3. Before starting the program, we organize initial training sessions so that all participants have a better understanding of mentoring.
    Through training, you will learn how to use the program effectively and achieve the best results.
  4. For the next 6 months, mentoring pairs meet regularly, we recommend at least 8 meetings.
    You will have constant contact with a mentor who will help you develop and solve problems related to your career.
  5. During the course of the program, we also organize other events, such as networking meetings, thematic trainings, and individual superintendent and advisory meetings. You will have the opportunity to participate in additional events that will broaden your horizons and enable you to make valuable professional contacts.

1st place in “Super M”!

Our program won first place in the “Super M” competition as the best mentoring program in Poland in the category of educational institutions.

This competition is an initiative of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), where the main criterion for evaluating programs was their compliance with EMCC international standards.

Benefits for the company from the employee’s participation in the program

  • greater recognition in the academic community
  • real impact on the development of the younger generation
  • Learning about the expectations of future generation Z employees/women and increasing awareness of their needs

This competition is an initiative of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), where the main criterion for evaluating programs was their compliance with EMCC international standards.

  • specialized training to strengthen in the role of Mentor(s)
  • access to the Knowledge Base
  • refresh your own goals and ambitions
  • Increase awareness of Generation Z’s expectations and perceptions
  • Understanding the challenges faced by Generation Z

Students, listen up!
As a Mentee, you gain:

  • access to up-to-date knowledge of business practitioners
  • getting to know an interesting industry from behind the scenes
  • Support in clarifying goals and plans
  • verification of one’s own perceptions – about the job, the position, the industry
  • informed career decisions
  • increase in interpersonal skills
  • strengthening self-esteem and capability

We invite you to participate

Recruitment with each new academic year


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