Student organizations

Student organizations

Studying at WUEB
is not only science

WUEB is famous for its numerous student organizations active in various fields.

Join one of these teams and open the gate to realize your passions and interests!

You can work on projects that fascinate you while building your portfolio. It’s also a chance to establish relationships with people who share your interests.

Therefore, do not hesitate – join one or more teams.

Learn about some of them:

🚀 WUEB Student Government – is a large group of students that works for the benefit of other students and introduces new and inspiring ideas.

🎭 IKSS (Students’ Cultural and Sports Information) – this part of the Local Government deals with the organization of cultural and sports events. There are academic runs and a Theater Studio.

✈️ Travelers Club BIT – operates at the Student Government, it is the place where adventurous ideas are born. Auto Stop Race, Traveler’s Days or Economist Rally are just some of their activities. Get inspired!

🤝 Independent Students’ Union (NZS) – have been active at our university since 1980! They engage in a variety of initiatives. They will surprise you!

🌍 Enactus WUEB – members of this international organization think globally and act locally. See what they are doing!

📊 WIGGOR Student Association – have been bringing together students interested in business development since 1996. It’s a real small company doing projects and research.

🧠 Cognitis Association – for students planning a career in counseling and consulting.

🙌 Polish Students’ Union WUEB – ZSP organizes substantive, charitable and entertaining projects, combining passion with great fun.

📈 Student Forum Business Centre Club (SF BCC) – supports the development of entrepreneurship in Poland. This is the place where future careers are created.

🌐 AIESEC – this international organization develops leadership qualities in young people. If you’re thinking about a career in a global environment, AIESEC is a good place to start.

Studying at WUEB is not just about books, it is an adventure waiting for you!

Also check the list of study circles


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