HR Excellence in Research

HR Excellence in Research

Honorable mention for WUEB

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business has been among the institutions entitled to use the prestigious HR Excellence in Research logo awarded by the European Commission since 2017.

HR Excellence in Research at WUEB

Since receiving the HR Excellence in Research award, a number of measures have been implemented that are based on the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and are in line with the Code of Conduct. Practices in the research area refer to four basic principles:

4 rules

Action Plan for 2022-2024

Learn about the HR Excellence in Reseach strategy at Wroclaw University of Economics and Business!

More about the award

The HR Excellence in Research distinction is awarded by the European Commission to institutions that implementThe Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R), a strategy for enhancing the attractiveness of working conditions and career development of researchers.

Institutions follow the rules and guidelines contained in:

  • European Charter for Researchers
  • Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers

With the implementation of the HRS4R Strategy, scientific units commit to improving working and development conditions for researchers.

This contributes to the competitiveness of the European Research Area (ERA) and the attractiveness of EU science systems globally.
The HR distinction from the European Commission means that the institution provides the best working and development conditions for researchers.

European Charter for Researchers

The European Charter for Researchers establishes general principles and requirements defining the roles, responsibilities and rights of researchers, as well as their employers/grantors.

The Charter aims to improve relations between researchers and employers or funders to foster positive results in the creation, transfer, exchange and dissemination of knowledge, as well as the career development of researchers in the EU. It is aimed at researchers at all stages of their careers, covering various fields of research in both the public and private sectors, regardless of position, employment, legal status of the employer or type of organization conducting the research.

Code of Conduct
and OTM-R Policy

The Code of Conduct for recruiting researchers establishes general rules and requirements for employers and grantors when hiring researchers. It ensures transparency and equality in the recruitment process, supporting the development of an attractive, open and sustainable European labor market for researchers. In addition, it complements the principles of the European Charter for Researchers.

Implementing these principles is the Open and Transparent Recruitment Process Policy (OTM-R) promotes principles such as providing clear information about the recruitment process, publishing clear announcements with links to details about requirements, responsibilities, working conditions, career development, gender policies. It also ensures that the qualifications and competencies required for the application are in line with the needs of the position, without posing barriers to potential candidates.

Key benefits of having a distinction
HR Excellence in Research

Creating a prestigious working environment that influences increased employee engagement.

Confirmation of the application of the highest European standards in the hiring of researchers at WUEB.

A significant increase in the level of attractiveness of WUEB employment, creating a friendly environment for scientific work and respecting transparent rules for recruiting employees.

Preference for WUEB in international grant competitions of the European Commission, national grant competitions of NCN and NCBiR, and competitions and programs of science funding of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


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