Learning process

Learning process

Welcome among the students!

The educational process is simply the way you acquire new knowledge and skills. We help you learn and grow so that you can achieve your educational goals.

Read the important information:

  • WUEB Study Regulations: it is in it that you will find the rights and responsibilities that apply to you. Familiarizing yourself with it is a good step.
  • Academic year schedule : The academic year is divided into 2 semesters (summer and winter).
  • Tools to facilitate learning: you have access to MS Office365, which includes, among other things. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook l and Teams.
    Your email address is your index number. Teams are a tool for interacting with lecturers and colleagues. Create project teams and participate
    In online events.
  • USOS : University Student Support System – or virtual dean’s office.
  • Library : Subscribe to the library, where you will find hundreds of textbooks, articles and publications. It is a treasure in gaining knowledge and working on projects.
  • Intranet : is an internal network, a place just for the university community. There you will find information about training, Erasmus and more.
  • Thesis: learn the rules, how to prepare a thesis, when to choose a promoter and what to do to defend it on time.
  • Thesis Archive (APD) : here you will place your finished thesis for archiving and checking it with anti-plagiarism system.
  • KRK Syllabuses : you will find here, among others. A description of the course of study for all degrees of study, along with the educational results adopted for the course, and complete syllabuses for all core, major and specialty subjects.
  • Online Class Schedule Service : at this address you will find the class schedule for your major.

Studying at WUEB is not only learning

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