Green Team

Green Team

About us

Our operations began in mid-2017.

We discovered then that we shared a common vision of a better world. We want it to be full of trust, cooperation and concern for our social and natural environment – both near and far.

Over the years, we have consistently strived to be involved in the changes taking place around us and want to have a sense of impact on our surroundings.

Despite the formal changes, our activities invariably have an interdisciplinary character and involve the entire University. Members of the Team include employees of various departments, divisions, units and organizations. The prerequisite for this cooperation is initiative and a real desire to act in the scientific, teaching and social areas.

Our goals:

  1. Disseminate knowledge and increase social and environmental awareness
  2. Promoting the values of equality, diversity, tolerance and openness to make the university a welcoming place for everyone
  3. Expand curricula on sustainability, ethics and corporate responsibility
  4. Participate in the development of strategies and policies to enable the management of the university in the spirit of sustainable development
  5. Implementation of projects in line with the idea of diversity management and development of cross-sector cooperation
  6. Conducting dialogue with university stakeholders to identify their needs and expectations from the university
  7. Supporting the social responsibility of science and cooperation with the external environment
  8. Dissemination of knowledge on the transformation of the linear-type economy to a closed loop economy
  9. Developing 4. university mission Introducing the concept of sustainability into didactics, research and cooperation with local government
  10. Green transformation of university campus: renewable energy, segregation of trash, abandonment of plastic

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