Competencies of the future

Competencies of the future

About the program

Participation in the “Competencies of the Future” program will provide you with the practical skills needed in the labor market.
You will learn them during 5 training courses led by business experts.

With this program, you will gain a competitive edge and a solid foundation for success in your future career.

What competencies will you learn?

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Teamwork
  • Comprehensive problem solving
  • Assuming responsibility
  • Image building, promotion of activities

Practice skills with real-life examples called “case studies”!

Your benefits:

  • you will learn the 5 key competencies of the future with the support of experts and business practitioners
  • you will acquire skills that employers highly value in the labor market
  • You will learn how to deal with the changing business environment
  • you will have the chance to create and implement a community project
  • you will receive practical knowledge from first-hand experts
  • You will establish valuable relationships with potential employers
  • you will earn 2 ECTS points
  • you will receive a certificate of participation in the program

Take part in the program and develop competence!


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