Ars Cantandi Choir

Ars Cantandi Choir

Ars Cantandi – or the art of singing

Fancy a musical adventure that will open a whole new door for you?

Ars Cantandi, or the choir of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business- this is where people of various passions meet to discover together the charms of classical music… and more. We find ourselves in both classic sounds and more entertaining ones.

By joining Ars Cantandi, you’ll meet great people, work on your vocal skills, and tour a piece of Poland and maybe the world! You can co-create amazing cultural events and go on multi-day vocal workshops. And this is just the beginning!

Choir in practice

In addition to regular rehearsals and individual voice emission classes, unusual musical experiences await you: concerts on stages large and small, in numerous philharmonics or theaters, recording sessions and collaboration with outstanding artists. All this under the baton of the wonderful conductor and founder of our choir, Anna Grabowska-Borys.

Make yourself heard! With us, everyone can find their place, regardless of their level of musical experience. We also do not require knowledge of sheet music – regular attendance at rehearsals will allow you to master the material and prepare for joint concerts.


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