Membership in organizations

Membership in organizations


Today, it is increasingly important for any university to participate in the global development of science and education.

Through international cooperation, WUEB is developing and implementing new ideas.

Membership in organizations brings many benefits:

Academic staff members:

  • participate in international symposiums and scientific debates, through which they share ideas and experience with partners from foreign universities
  • have wide access to up-to-date knowledge of new teaching methods which translates into the improvement of teaching programs and improvement of forms of cooperation with students
  • make new contacts, which translates into building international research teams and conducting scientific research together.

Students have access to international exchange programs, internships and placements abroad, as well as academic conferences and workshops.

We broaden cultural horizons and build international networking.

We are active members of many international institutions such as AACSB, AMBA, CEEMAN, EFMD, EUA, PRME and the Santander Universities program.

WUEB and international cooperation


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