Young Economist Academy

Young Economist Academy


The Academy of the Young Economist (AME) is a nationwide economic education program run by the Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Directions in Warsaw in cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Economics and other economic universities.

The goal of AME is to promote entrepreneurship among young people, encourage their interest in economic issues and develop teamwork skills.

The offer is aimed at students:

  • grades 7. and 8. elementary school
  • grades 1. and 2. secondary schools

Why should you enroll your child in AME?

  • Classes are held in a semester cycle
  • There are 6 meetings per semester on selected Mondays from 18:00-19:30 at the Wrocław University of Economics
  • Participation in AME is free!
  • Each AME student receives an index
  • Attendance at a minimum of 4 meetings is required (confirmation by diploma)
  • Participants who take the knowledge test at the last class have a chance to win attractive prizes.

Class schedule for the summer semester 2023/2024

DATEThematic blockTheme of the meetingLeading
11.03.2024MarketingHow to create a comprehensive and tailor-made survey questionnaire? Workshop on designing survey questionnairesPhD., habil. Eng. Arkadiusz Piwowar, prof. WUEB
25.03.2024ManagementUse of computer process simulation in business decision supportPhD., habil. Krzysztof Nowosielski, prof. WUEB
08.04.2024Effective improvementCritical thinking as a competence of the future. Does my search engine tell the truth?M. Agnieszka Pietrus-Rajman, Ph. WUEB
22.04.2024FinanceManaging the household budget and preventing financial exclusionPhD., habil. Boguslaw Półtorak, prof. UWE
06.05.2024Effective improvementPsychomanipulation techniques – from theory to practiceDr. Luke Jurek
20.05.2024ManagementOne for all, all for one – or how to build effective teamsŻaneta Teklak specialist in the field. employee development

Additional information for high school students

High school students pursue the subject of Business and Management at school. Participation in AME classes will develop skills in communication, project management, market economy.

AME classes can be included in the evaluation process by FDI subject teachers as participation in extracurricular forms of economic education.

Additional information for grade 8 students

Students in the summer semester will have the opportunity to participate in a 20-hour math workshop to prepare for the eighth-grade exam led by an experienced math teacher. Scheduled dates 06.04; 13.04; 20.04, and 11.05 at. 8.30-12.30.

Don’t wait! Become an AME student!

Learn more

Click on the nationwide website of the Academy of the Young Economist


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