Business Individual Study Program (BIPS)

Business Individual Study Program (BIPS)

What is BIPS?

BIPS is a project aimed at a group of ambitious students at 1. and 2nd year of first degree and 1st year of the second year of full-time studies. Students who want to gain a unique experience through a year’s work under the guidance of an academic tutor and an intern mentor.

The values we promote at BIPS are:

  • INITIATIVE – activity in action, entrepreneurship, autonomy and creativity;
  • “GRIT” – perseverance, the ability to pursue long-term goals, not letting go and seeing things through to the end;
  • OPENNESS TO OTHERS – altruism, empathy, selflessness, nobility and solidarity.


BIPS is WUEB’s proprietary project – it is focused on building STUDENTS-SCIENCE-BUSINESS relationships.

The goal of the program is:

  • Accelerate the professional, personal and social development of students
  • individualizing the educational path,
  • support – an academic tutor and a mentor-practitioner.

BIPS is not a curriculum.

BIPS is a learning program!

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Recruitment for the 7th edition of the BIPS program (first stage) completed!

In December, we will hold meetings of those accepted to the 7th Edition of BIPS Students with potential Tutors. BIPS7 will launch in 2024.

If you are interested in the program and working as a BIPS mentor or tutor, please contact us!


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