Competence centers

Competence centers

What are competence centers?

Competence centers are places where experts from different fields work together to help businesses and other groups.

We conduct research and work on new ideas that help companies, administrations or NGOs. We work with many business partners.

We help transfer knowledge to the public.

In other words, we are here to support entrepreneurs and local governments by responding to their needs!

Are you running a business?
This offer is for you!

The centers offer is aimed at:

  • large, medium and small companies
  • industry
  • local governments
  • NGOs
  • media
  • university academic community

We respond to your needs!

Let’s work together, and by doing so:

  • you will realize with us scientific research and work on the development of your business
  • we will prepare for you analyses and opinions of your enterprise
  • we can work together on projects that will help bring new ideas to your business
  • we will propose our own training programs, then conduct interesting training for you
  • you will take part in networking meetings together
    with scientists and other entrepreneurs
  • explain complex scientific problems in easy
    and interesting way to make learning accessible to all
  • we will transform knowledge into practical solutions


Director of the Knowledge and Innovation Transfer and Commercialization Center

Dr Aleksandra Burdukiewicz

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 71 36 80 760


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