Faculties and Branch in Jelenia Góra

Faculties and Branch in Jelenia Góra

Faculty of Economics and Finance

One of WUEB’s 3 faculties is the Faculty of Economics and Finance. Here you will gain knowledge in areas such as banking, economics and econometrics, finance and accounting, international economic relations, micro and macroeconomics, statistics, economic analysis and forecasting, and mathematics, computer science and cybernetics. We are educating future bankers, financial analysts, financial specialists. trade, accounting, insurance and corporate financial management.

Faculty of Business and Management

At the Faculty of Management, we prepare future leaders in business management, experts in information technology, project management, process management, taxation, human resources, marketing, logistics, financial and managerial accounting and business law. We create a collaborative environment in which the acquired expertise and social competencies develop entrepreneurship and innovation, allow you to run your own business, create managers and business professionals.

Faculty of Production Engineering

The Faculty of Production Engineering allows you to acquire knowledge related to modern technologies used in a variety of enterprises. We offer learning in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, food and nutrition technology and agroengineering. You will also gain solid economic knowledge tailored to your chosen field of study. You will obtain an engineering degree in sciences related to manufacturing engineering.

Branch in Jelenia Góra

Our Branch has existed since 1969 and specializes in imparting knowledge in economics, accounting, management in organizations, logistics, public administration and management of tourist establishments. Studies are available in four majors: Business Economics and Finance, Logistics and Marketing, Business Services in the Digital Economy, and Management in the Modern Economy.


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