Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities

Support for students with disabilities

The section on the subject. The Section for Servicing People with Disabilities is dedicated to supporting students with special needs, including those with disabilities.

Our main goal is to solve problems that may affect you, and to prevent situations of discrimination and exclusion.

We monitor situations, but also try to take active steps to make the university more friendly to everyone.

We cooperate with various external institutions to effectively achieve our goals for students with disabilities.

Leveling the playing field

Any UEW student who has a certificate
of disabilities are entitled to various forms of assistance for equalization of opportunities

Material assistance

Feel free to contact the Scholarships Department,
to learn about forms of financial aid for students
with disabilities

We aim to create a university,
In which all students have equal opportunities


The Rector’s Representative for the Disabled

Dr. Krystyna Gilga

E-mail: [email protected]

Aneta Kucybała

E-mail: [email protected]

Monday 08:00-11:00
Tuesday 08:00-15:00
Thursday 08:00-15:00


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