Foreign guests

Foreign guests

Appreciate the presence of experts from abroad

Invited experts bring new knowledge, inspire and create conditions for joint development. They enrich our scientific and educational environment. This is an opportunity to develop international research cooperation , which translates into higher quality research.

The presence of foreign visitors enriches and enhances the quality of our curricula. This broadens horizons and shapes the competencies of the future among our students.

Recently, they visited us:

  • Prof. Kenji Nozaki(Takasaki City University of Economics, Japan), who taught a class on culture in business and cultural differences
    Between Japan and Poland for students majoring in International Business.
  • Prof. Emina Resić and Prof. Amra Kozo(University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), who taught a class on regional planning.
  • Prof. Elena-Aurelia Botezat and Prof. Anca-Otilia Dodescu(University of Oradea, Romania), who shared their knowledge on contemporary development trends of the European Union member states.

Visiting professors

Meet the visiting professors of WUEB


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