Where can I go

Where can I go

Wroclaw – where to?

Wroclaw is a city that is teeming with life.
It is a place where different histories and cultures meet
– Which makes it stand out for its unique atmosphere.

Wroclaw is a city friendly to everyone.
Here, people from different corners of the world come together to form a colorful society. The diverse mix of cultures and traditions means that everyone can simply be themselves here.

Wroclaw is a city full of monuments and sites.
Wroclaw Market Square is one of the largest in Europe and has an impressive area of as much as 3.8 hectares. That’s more than seven soccer fields!

It hides mysterious dwarves, of which there are more than 350 scattered throughout the city. They are small figurines with different characters and stories that are a symbol of Wroclaw. Each of them tells a different story and is a unique witness to the city.

How about the fact that there are secret passages and crypts in the basement of the Market? You can uncover secrets on tours of the city’s underground.

Explore the city’s other attractions:

🌼 Salt Square and historic florists – once salt was sold here, today you can buy flowers at any time of the day or night

Ostrów Tumski – is an island with the city’s oldest monuments, including the impressive cathedral

🏛️ District of the Four Temples – here, in the charming Pokoyhof Passage, you can enjoy delicious croissants

🖼️ Royal Palace Museum – the place where you will see a recreated Baroque garden

📚 The University of Wroclaw and the beautiful Leopoldina Hall – a true pearl of the Baroque worth seeing

🖼️ Panorama of Racławice – a spectacular painting work of enormous size with 3D arrangement

💧 Hydropolis – a knowledge center combining education with a modern exhibition form

🏟️ Centennial Hall and Multimedia Fountain – summer multimedia shows will take your breath away

🌿 Japanese Garden – a place of peace and quiet, ideal for relaxation

🌱 Botanical Garden – another green spot of Wroclaw, where you will cover unknown plant species.

🐾 Zoo and Afrykarium – one of the largest in Poland, where you will meet exotic animal species.

🚂 Kolejkowo – a miniature panorama of Wroclaw, where size doesn’t matter

🍴 Market Hall – a place where you will taste flavors from all over the world.

🏰 The observation tower of the Garrison Church – an aerial view of the entire market square

The tower of the Church of St. St. Mary Magdalene with Bridge of Penitents – check out for yourself what the name hides

🏙️ Jatki – one of the oldest streets in Wroclaw, full of history and charm

🏊 Aquapark – recreational pools, sports pools, modern fitness area and saunarium

🏙️ Sky Tower with The observation deck at 49. floor – if you are not afraid of heights see Wroclaw from a bird’s eye view

📜 The Pan Tadeusz Museum is a place that takes us into the world of romantic poetry. There you will see the only existing manuscript of Pan Tadeusz

🏛️ Cinemas, theaters, galleries, museums, opera – visit places of culture and art


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