Sports section

Sports section

Sports at WUEB

At WUEB , we don’t just educate ourselves, we also shoot sports!

In Physical Education and Sports Center (SWFiS), you have 20 sports to choose from.

Join AZS WUEB (Academic Sports Association) to take the competition to the next level. We compete in our area and frequent other universities.

We participate in the national championships of economic universities, play leagues with other universities and participate in tournaments on a national and international scale!

With us you develop intellectually and physically.

This is a super opportunity to combine your passion for sports with learning!

The Study’s sports base is the place for physical activity!

Here you will find:

🤾‍♀️ Large sports hall – play handball and futsal

🏀 Small sports hall – compete in volleyball and basketball

💪 Gym – increase muscle strength, improve endurance and shape your physique

🏊 Indoor swimming pool – swim, take care of your fitness and immunity

What sports can you do in the sports sections?

🏸 Do you like competition? Try your hand at basketball, handball, soccer, volleyball and table tennis

🏊 Is water your element? The swimming section is for you

💪 Do you dream of building muscle?
The weight training section is an ideal place

🚴‍♀️ Would you like to explore the beauty of nature by bicycle?
Cycling tourism is here for you

Get ready for sports excitement!


Physical Education and Sports Center is the place where you can swim, use the sports halls, fitness room and gym.


Develop a sporting passion in one of the 18 disciplines run by the WUEB Academic Sports Club!


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