WUEB experts at ABSL Summit 2024 

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business participates in upcoming ABSL Summit! Our experts Bartłomiej Nita and Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń will appear at the conference, taking part in talks and discussions.

ABSL Summit is one of the biggest business events in Central Europe, gathering approximately one thousand attendees each year: experts, global business leaders, representatives of governmental bodies and EU administration, leading scientists and most important media outlets.

Our experts at ABSL Summit 2024 are:

  • prof. Bartłomiej NitaInspiration: Living for learning (June 4th, 5:45 PM), 
  • prof. Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń – ABSL Business Leaders meeting. 

Since 2010 the conference and accompanying events constitute a truly unique platform for discussions, analyses and insightful thoughts about actual trends and challenges for the business of tomorrow. Culmination of the event is talk with Keynote Speaker – this time with Jacinda Ardern, former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

ABSL Summit 2024 takes place June 3rd to June 5th in Cracow, Poland. Wroclaw University of Economics and Business is a Partner of the event. More information: https://abslsummit.com/


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